Netflix Movies Starring Jp Vanderloo

At such a young age, JP already has years of experience in acting in films, television, theater, commercials and print work. JP loves being in the dynamic environments of various sets and enjoys learning all about the process of making stories come to life on film. In addition to his acting career, JP enjoys many sports and hobbies including being a champion swimmer, a 2nd Degree Kukkiwon Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, gymnastics, Irish Dancing, ice skating and skiing. He completed a 5K and a mini-triathlon at a very young age and hopes he can work more of these events into his schedule. He also loves English style horse riding, piano and guitar. Academically, he has maintained his Advanced Student Honor Roll 3 status in Kumon for several years ranking in the top 30 kids out of 25,000 that are enrolled in his age group for Kumon. Read more on iMDB