Netflix Movies Starring Josh Emerson

Josh was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His father Gordon was born in Biggar, SK, and worked as a Bio Med Technician and his mother Judy was born and raised in Montreal and works as a secretary. At the age of twelve Josh moved to Spruce Grove, Alberta, where he attended High School. It was a tough change going from a Christian Elementary School to a public Junior High School. He played sports including football, basketball for his junior high school, but he soon found hockey was the sport for him. He took acting classes with Elizabeth Ebbels, who initially took pity on him and later became his first real agent. He wasn't very popular in high school; he was overweight and not exactly the hottest guy in school. In his Senior year of high school he just decided to make a real change and started going to a local gym 2-3 hours everyday. Read more on iMDB