Netflix Movies Starring Joe Michael Terry

Joe Michael Terry is an actor, writer, producer, and film executive who is best known, as an actor, for co-tar performances in Missing in Action 2: The Beginning (1985), Going Undercover(1988) Cannery Row (1982), I'm Going to Be Famous(1983) and First Monday in October (1981) before he quit acting to become the President of the British Film Company Hammer Films at Warner Bros. where he was in charge of developing films for the studio out of the Hammer Film library. At Warner Brothes, Joe worked with major film directors, writers, and producers. As a WGA writer, he has written film scripts for Academy Award winner Sidney Poitier and Directors like Irvin Kershner (who Directed "Star Wars -- The Empire Strikes Back), as well as writing and developing material for many others. Joe-Michael Terry was born in Philadelphia October 23, 1954. Read more on iMDB