Netflix Movies Starring Jennifer Decker

Beautiful French actress Jennifer Decker started out as a theatrical actress. Her first role was at age 18 as Juliet in William Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet", directed by Irina Brook. The play was very successful and toured throughout France, as well as abroad, for many months. Afterward, she began to show interest in cinematography. For this she next appeared in Steve Suissa's L'amour Est Un Jeu Dangereux (2011) ("Love on the Run")--also known as "Trop Plain D'amour" and "Cavale"--opposite Nicolas Cazalé. She played Noémie, a young teenager who goes on the run with Simon, a boy who's on the fast track of life. Although she tends to focus on feature films, Jennifer also shows interest in short films as well. For this she was seen next in Pierre Bernier's _Jeux de haute société (2003)_, a short in which she played Madame Blanche. Read more on iMDB