Netflix Movies Starring Jeanne Arnold

Jeanne Arnold was born on July 30, 1921 in Berkeley, California and raised in San Francisco, the daughter of George and Agnes Kirkman Arnold. She graduated from Lowell High School and from the University of California, Berkeley. Jeanne had a long and varied career principally as a TV and stage actress in New York, Chicago and Hollywood and during the last 17 years of her life performed frequently at Meadowbrook Theatre in Rochester, Michigan. After marrying William Stevens in 1978, she relocated to Flint, MI but continued to act in local theater productions such as "Jeanne Arnold Sings!", a one-woman show staged at Flint's Buckham Alley Theatre in 1992. Known for her magnetic stage presence and confident acting style, Arnold had a reputation for total commitment to her craft. Arnold died on September 20, 1996 in Flint, Michigan. Read more on iMDB