Netflix Movies Starring Inés Romero

Ines was born in Denmark to a Dutch mother and Spanish father. She grew up mainly in Denmark but has lived in the Chezh republic and Algeria and Spain. She speaks 6 languages and holds 2 college degrees one from Europe and one from SF state university (BA in Psychology). She was always involved in the theater and moved to San Francisco at the age of 17 to pursue her dreams. After years of modeling all over the world she moved to LA in 1999 and began pursuing an acting career. She has studied with several teachers and landed several small parts and featured spots. Her TV appearance in 2006 as a Latin reporter on Pepper Dennis (she was in a brown wig)had her speaking in fluent Spanish. She has also hosted several shows as well as infomercials. She's currently starring in a top Danish TV show 'Danske Hollywoodfruer' (The Real Housewives) as well as preparing for future TV and film roles. Read more on iMDB