Netflix Movies Starring Galyna Kyyashko

Galyna is an actress of music-drama theater and cinema. She graduated from Kyiv State University of Theater, Film and Television (In that time: Kiev State Institute of the Theatrical and Cinema Art) in July 1992. The study was by system of Konstantin Stanislavski (deep feeling school). Galyna has a Diploma of above mentioned University, from the master-class Leonid Olijnyk and Ada Rogovtseva. Galyna Kyyashko graduated together with Vitaliy Linetskiy. After University she had 6 years experience to work on the best channels of Ukraine as TV-presenter (news in Ukrainian and Russian languages),journalist and reporter, director of program for children, radio broadcaster. In the same time Galyna has been experienced in theatrical performance. She worked once together with Ruslana Pysanka for TV-program. From that time when Galyna Kyyashko came to Holland to follow the man she loves, she had work as an actress-model for photo and TV-advertisement, TV-programs, theater, films, movies. Read more on iMDB