Netflix Movies Starring Frank Giering

Born and raised in Magdeburg (Germany), Frank Giering gained first stage experience as a background actor at the former known "Maxim-Gorki" theatre Magdeburg". During this time the desire arose to become an actor even though he said at a later time, that this desire was mainly animated due to his hunger to get visible and noticed combined with the unrealistic belief to get more interesting for the womankind. Nevertheless he started his studies at the "Westfälischen Schauspielschule Bochum" (Germany) but changed short time after to the "Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen" (HFF) in Potsdam Babelsberg (Germany). But again he felt quite uncomfortable with the education methods. Some exercises led him to his physical and mental limits. Furthermore he failed on his teacher's demands to "fill up the space of the theatre". As he realized that he clenched more and more as soon as he got instructions to "give more" or to become "louder" he decided to break off. Read more on iMDB