Netflix Movies Starring Elaine Stewart

Ravishing redhead Elaine Stewart came onto the film scene in the early 1950s and decorated a number of eastern and western films as well as crimers as a second-tier MGM star. Her striking, shapely beauty and "come hither" sensuality was on full display throughout the decade, often as a temptress or schemer. By the early 1960s, however, she had faded from view, prompted by her 1963 marriage to a game show producer. She then came out of her Beverly Hills retirement in the early 1970s made a modest return to TV in the 70s charming daytime audiences on the game show circuit. Elaine was born Elsy H. Steinberg in Montclair, N.J., on May 31, 1930, the daughter of a Jewish policeman. A one-time usherette and cashier at her hometown movie theatre. Elaine developed very quickly into a beautiful young woman. Read more on iMDB