Netflix Movies Starring Domiziano Arcangeli

Arcangeli was discovered in 1979 by photographer Helmut Newton in Venice, Italy where he used to live: some of the photographs made the covers of many International magazines: Arcangeli became a fashion model during the 1980's, and he was called by Federico Fellini at Cinecittà Studios in Rome, Italy, for a screen test to play the young lead of a movie that, eventually was unfortunately never made, however the actor worked later in Fellini's "Intervista" (1987) playing exactly himself at the times of that first screen test. Arcangeli did make his acting debut in the 1980 Italian/Japanese film "Eden no so-no", and continued to appear in a number of films during the1980s and 1990s, among them "The Good Soldier" in 1982 directed by Franco Brusati, "Credo"(1983) directed in France by Jacques Deray, "Sodoma's Ghost"(1988)directed by Lucio Fulci, "Love Of a Woman" directed by Nelo Risi in 1988, appeared in the historical drama "Francesco" directed in 1989 by Liliana Cavani, starring Mickey Rourke, played in the well received Tinto Brass comedy "Paprika"(1991) and in the thriller "Dark Friday" directed by Aldo Lado in 1993. Read more on iMDB