Netflix Movies Starring Diana Pang

Diana Peng is a renowned professional actress and dancer in Hong Kong and Mainland China. As the youngest Congressman from the arts, she has many prominent memberships and commissioned works which include: membership with the Standing Committee of the 10th All-China Young Politician Federation, China Zhi Gong Party Central Sports Committee Member, Honored Chairman of the China Health Assist-Poverty Project Association, Vice-Chairman of the World Association of Chinese, Chairman of the judging panel for the Miss World Finals, Vice Chairman of judging panel of the Miss World Traveling Ambassador, Visiting Professor of the Shanghai Modern Leadership Institution, Honorary Member of the Top 100 Lifetime Achiever Award of China, and Honorary Member of the Top 100 of China Charming Ladies. Ms. Peng is also the "Ambassador of Love" of the Chinese Women's Development Foundation, the "Environmental Protection Ambassador" of the International Association of Environmental Protection Organization, the "Special Ambassador" of the "World AIDS Charity Events", the Chinese New Socialist Countryside Program Mulan Cultural Celebrity, the China QuHu International Confucius Cultural Holiday Celebrity, the Ambassador of the China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation - Golden Dragon Technology Innovation Development Fund. Read more on iMDB