Netflix Movies Starring David Gries

Born and raised in Western Michigan, David was drawn to acting at an early age. He had an extreme love for performing however, as a young boy, stage fright usually got the best of him. Growing up, he was never one who wanted the spotlight. Choosing to play by himself rather than make a grand procession for the world to see. He was a quiet reflective child who spent his time creating his own little world where he could manipulate stories and characters in his mind. By the time he was a junior in High School the only credit he had to his resume was portraying the Christmas Star in a church play. David knew that if was to make his dreams a reality he would have to take the plunge; and that meant getting himself up on stage. After an agonizing for two weeks over auditioning for the fall show at his school he got up, performed his monologue and was offered a lead role in "Cheaper by the Dozen". Read more on iMDB