Netflix Movies Starring Da Bin Jeong

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Jeong Da-bin, whose real name is Jung Hye-sun, was mostly known for playing ever cheerful and effervescent every girl roles. Known primarily for playing schoolgirl types, she gained quite a popular following in Taiwan as well particularly for her roles in numerous "Korean wave" miniseries. She attended Yongdok Girls High School and Gongguk University for two years where she majored in Drama. Her first breakout role was in the Korean fantasy movie "Danjeogbiyeonsu" in 2000 where she played alongside Kim Yun-jin, the star of the miniseries "Lost". In 2004, she starred in a Korean high school romantic comedy called "Geunomeun Meoshitosda", or 'He Was Cool'. In that movie, she played an outgoing, spunky, comical and animated -- yet very naive, awkward and infatuated -- schoolgirl named Han Ye-won -- which was to become her signature role. Read more on iMDB