Netflix Movies Starring Curtis Lum

Curtis Lum is an actor born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. He grew up in the family restaurant business with parents who taught him everything he needed to know about hard work. Being inspired by the booming film and television industry in Vancouver back in 2008, Curtis seized the opportunity and did whatever it took to make the leap to become a performer and has never looked back. Fortunately, he got his start within his first year of acting, landing a recurring role on the Canadian teen-drama "Renegade Press" as Conor Ying. He then booked his first movie, "Dim Sum Funeral" working alongside Bai Ling, Talia Shire and Russel Wong which boosted both his confidence and career. Over the years he has been building on his craft and has since worked on various hit shows such as "Psych", "Prison Break", "Arrow" and the acclaimed "The Romeo Section". Read more on iMDB