Netflix Movies Starring Claude Emmanuelle Gajan Maull

Claude-Emmanuelle Gajan--Maull is a multi-medias artist . She is a plastician artist, a performer, a young DJ , a model , an actress, a writer and a trans activist . She learns ART and Performance at the Haute Ecole D'art de Perpignan . She began her transition in 2015. At that time she weighed 170 kilos and considered as a man by the society in spite of an androgynous lifestyle. She lost 100 kilos and began a hormone replacement therapy to become the woman that she is actually. Thanks to it, she did a figuration in " un couteau dans le coeur " by Yann Gonzales, shot in several short films like " Bientot le feu " of Nicolas Medy and to interpret finally an important character in "Climax" by Gaspar Noé. Since she wants to be an actress full-time. Read more on iMDB