Netflix Movies Starring Cassie Shea Watson

Cassie Shea Watson is the oldest of four children; all, of which, are girls. All of their names also start with a C. And contrary to the popular belief that the youngest gets away with everything, in this case, Cassie never got in trouble, and, well, the youngest never stayed out of it. Not that Cassie never did anything wrong. She just knew how to get out of sticky situations. She called it spontaneous and creative thinking. All the years of practicing this spontaneous and creative thinking built the foundation, Cassie believes, for her career in acting.Cassie started her acting career in the 3rd grade as the Little Witch in the play "The Little Witch." Her first solo in a musical was in the 5th grade, when she played Alice in the musical "Alice In Wonderland." She has had many influential teachers throughout her life, one of the most influential being her high school theatre teacher, Travia Steward. Read more on iMDB