Netflix Movies Starring Carlotta Elektra Bosch

Carlotta Elektra Bosch was born in Barcelona to a Castilian mother and a Catalan father. One a Designer and the other an Architect and Professor of Art in the University of Girona. Carlotta is the youngest of two siblings, her brother is a Landscape-Architect and Entrepreneur. After her birth the Bosch family moved north where Carlotta grew up between the medieval city of Girona and the Empordà. Her father, a cinephile, shared with Carlotta all his knowledge of Classic Cinema and educated her to understand Art, Philosophy and Literature. It was from a very young age that Carlotta realized her passion for the Arts. When she was only 3 her love for Stanley Donen's "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" "Funny Face" and "Singin' in the rain", Vincent Minnelli's "An American in Paris" and "Gigi", Robert Wise's "West Side Story". Read more on iMDB