Netflix Movies Starring Carlos Iglesias

Carlos Iglesias was born in Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo, Spain). His parents migrated to Switzerland until he was 13 years of age and then to Madrid and Alicante, both in Spain. He became an actor by accident while playing the part of an actor who had fallen ill in an independent theater group. He then went on to study at the RESAD (Real Academia de Arte Dramático, or Royal Academy for Dramatic Art). He became first known for his role as Pepelu in Pepe Navarro's TV show "Esta noche cruzamos el Mississippi" ('Tonight We'll Be Crossing the Mississippi', 1995-97). Later on he played Benito, a thick-brush, sloppy painter in the TV series "Manos a la obra" ('Let's Get To It', 1997-2001). It was in this series that he finally became widely popular, as ratings were usually quite high, topping 6 million viewers in a population of 42m. Read more on iMDB