Netflix Movies Starring Carlos Buti

Carlos moved to NYC from Uruguay - a far way land also known as the French Riviera of South America- at age 16. During his early childhood he showed great talents writing music and playing electric guitar, what brought him to New York City in the first place, the search of his rock band. He went to College in NYC, becoming a TV writer, working for MTV Internacional and other TV shows. His studies in animation inspired him to write his first screenplay, optioning this first one to the makers of film Godzilla. His passion for writing brought him to LA, to write for films. Surfing also a passion made this move to the Westcoast a good idea. Here started co-producing his animated screenplay idea, a project still in the making. Carlos settled in Los Angeles, with the idea to produce his first film, one placed around the Motorcycle Grand Prix, an original story that had many producers interested. Read more on iMDB