Netflix Movies Starring Buster Larsen

Buster Larsen was one of most well-known and beloved Danish actors - ever! Buster Larsen was born Axel Landing Larsen, a name which he later chanced to Buster Larsen. He was born in Copenhagen. Even as a child his talent for acting was recognised. He was a child actor at the age of 8, when he had his debut at "Politikens Børneteater". Later (1932 - 1934) he acted at theatre in Nørrebro (which is in Copenhagen), and also in the theatre in the Danish city of Aalborg. Larsen afterwards worked in many theatres throughout Denmark. Buster Larsen had his film debut as a naughty schoolboy in a movie from 1933 called: "De blaa drenge", he was 12 years old. After his film debut, Larsen had a lot of roles in different movies in the 1940ties and 1950ties - but he had not yet gotten the major breakthrough, in the publics view. Read more on iMDB