Netflix Movies Starring Brandon Henry Rodriguez

He began his journey on the East Coast. He booked a lead role in the CBS Movie of the Week, Vampire Bats, and soon afterward landed a re-occurring spot on the NBC series Surface. Brandon then made his pilgrimage to Los Angeles where he booked a co-starring role on the NBC hit series Las Vegas, a guest starring role on the CBS comedy The Class and three national commercials: one for McDonalds and two for Microsoft. He immediately followed these projects with the lead roles in two Independent Films, Immortal Island and Hallows Point. Brandon found out that his true passion was behind the camera. He has been consistently working in casting for companies such as FOX Digital Studios, FX, ABC and many more. Brandon's true desire is to direct; he loves actors and truly understands them. He has had the privilege of producing on two films for Brett Leonard and producing several other projects. Read more on iMDB