Netflix Movies Starring Bertie Gilbert

Bertie Gilbert (born 1 May 1997) is a filmmaker and actor. Since September 2013 Bertie has been consistently releasing short films that he writes, directs and sometimes stars in. His first film was 'Stray Dog'. The story of a young man's struggle with lost love and time travel. Since then, he has made five other short films and refined his abilities as a director. In October he released 'Killed The Cat', a short film he and Alia Hassan directed. It was funded by Newform Digital, a company owned by Ron Howard. His sixth short film, 'Rocks That Bleed' was screened at the BFI as part of the BFI Future Film Festival. He is currently working on his first feature film. Bertie just finished his film 'Blue Sushi' with co writer and director, Sammy Paul. With a 25k budget and a more serious and complex message, it looks set to be his biggest production so far. Read more on iMDB