Netflix Movies Starring Asaka Seto

Seto Asaka was born Ieda Megumi in Seto, Aichi Prefecture. Her alias is obviously borrowed from her birthplace. She was discovered by a talent scout during her third year of junior high school. Reportedly, many people in her area pointed the scout to her house and the man made a house call. She moved to Tokyo. She made her debut in Wangan Bad Boy Blue in 1992, for which she received a nomination for Best New Actress in the Kinema Junpo Awards, and has since divided her time between TV serials, TV movies and the cinema. Beginning 1993 she started doing the obligatory commercials and advertisements for a bunch of corporations. She released music singles beginning 1995 and eventually issued four of them in that year and 1996. She also issued three albums, with the last one appearing in 2002. She won the award for Best Actress for 2002's Travail at the 24th Yokohama Film Festival. Read more on iMDB