Netflix Movies Starring Aleksandr Zbruev

Aleksandr Zbruyev is a popular Russian actor. He was born Aleksandr Viktorovich Zbruyev on March 31, 1938, in Moscow, Russia. His father, Viktor Alekseevich Zbruyev, was a high-ranking official, the Vice-Minister for Communications in the Soviet government. His mother, Tatiana Aleksandrovna Fedorova, a descendant of Russian landed Gentry, worked for a Moscow film company. Before Zbruyev was born, his father was arrested after a business trip to America in 1937, and was accused of being the "enemy of the Soviet people" during the "Great Terror" under Joseph Stalin. After a 15-minute court procedure Zbruyev's father was executed by gunshot to the head. At that time his mother was pregnant. Aleksandr Zbruyev never saw his father. He was a newborn child when his mother, a young film actress, was exiled with the baby from their home in Moscow. Read more on iMDB