Netflix Movies Starring Alejo Mo Sun

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Alejo Mo-Sun was raised in Toronto, Canada, where he began a twenty-year career in martial arts, graduating from multiple specializations of Tai Ji, the Chen Style (Spiral Long Frame), Wing Tsun, Hung Gar, and Yang Style. Alejo's martial arts career culminated in his study with Tom Fung, the 8th generation descendant of Tai Ji Mantis founder, Wong Long. When Alejo came to California, he combined his extensive martial arts training with his aptitude for acting, quickly establishing himself as a star on the rise. Before long, Alejo's business acumen and understanding of the industry led him to shift his sights, and to great success. Alejo took over as SVP of Business Development at movie-marketing firm Route 66 where, in a few short years, he designed and executed a campaign to completely rebrand the firm and, ultimately, more than double their market share. Read more on iMDB