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  • Four short films by four different directors dealing with the principles of modern life.

  • 4 short films by a quartet of directors. Rosselini's 'Chastity' ('Illibatezza') deals with an attractive air hostess who receives the unwelcome attentions of a middle aged American. Godard's 'New World' ('Il Nuovo Mondo') illustrates a post-apocalyptic world the same as the pre-apocalyptic one, but for an enigmatic change in attitude in most people, including the central character's girlfriend. Pasolini's 'Curd Cheese' ('La Ricotta'), a lavish film about the life of Jesus Christ is being made in a poor area. The people subject themselves to various indignities in the name of moviemaking (and to get some food). The central character's hoisted up on a cross for filming, and dies there. Finally, Gregoretti's 'Free Range Chicken' ('Il Pollo Ruspante') in which a materialist family inadvertently shows the cynical, metallic-voiced doctrine of a top sales theorist.

  • (1) The Alitalia flight attendant Anna Maria is harassed by the middle-aged American executive Joe. A psychiatrist gives an orientation to her fiancé Carlo, advising Ana Maria to behave like a slut, since the maniac is attracted by her chastity. (2) The boy-friend of the gorgeous Alexandra is hardly sleeping, so obsessed he is for her. When she confesses that she is also in love with him, he sleeps for two consecutive days. When he wakes-up, he reads in the newspaper that there was an atomic super-explosion over Paris, but the specialists advise that without any effect in the population. However, Alessandra changes her behavior, ex-loving him, and he feels that a new world without logic and freedom may be arising. (3) While shooting "The Passion of Christ" in the periphery of Rome, the arrogant director, actors, actresses and cast show their lack compassion with the poor and famine Stracci. (4) While traveling to see a field nearby a lake, a family does not resist to the appeal of the consumerism. Meanwhile, a famous professor presents to the dominant classes, procedures to increase the consumerism of ordinary people.


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