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Peter, a family man who works for a failing supermarket chain finds his life shaken up by his new boss, Susan, who starts to groom him for an executive position. Money and opportunities are within his grasp, but at what price?

Pete Cozy once had high hopes for a lucrative and fulfilling professional life. Dartmouth educated in business, he worked as an executive at a small, independent record label, at which he made no money but enjoyed his work. Now at age thirty-nine with a stay at home wife/mother, Sara, and a three year old son, Henry, he has long worked in the marketing section of Wolsky Supermarkets - a subsidiary of ACS - based on Long Island. He has been sucked into the office culture of mediocrity, doing as little as possible to keep the company afloat, which it barely is, and earn a paycheck - any paycheck - with no desire to move up the corporate ladder with its associated headaches. He hates his job but inertia and a mountain of debt is keeping him there. Things change when he gets a new boss. She is Susan Felders, a high energy, ambitious woman, who nonetheless has a somewhat childlike approach to life. Her goal is to turn around Wolsky's sagging fortunes. In her whirlwind, she brings along Pete, who eventually succumbs to this change in his professional life which includes a major bump in salary, and by association Sara, who begins her own friendship with Susan and who sees their own home life improving in being able to afford the little and not so little luxuries in life. Pete will have to decide how far he will go along with Susan, especially after he sees directly how she operates, both in her personal and professional life.


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