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In the near future, a team is sent on a dangerous mission to Europa to retrieve and bring water back to a dying Earth. Their operation unexpectedly goes awry, jeopardizing not only the ...

This movie starts out with a plausible enough plot, but as things continue, they get progressively weirder. In what I would call the middle part of the movie, the situation degrees into a more or less expected eventuality. Towards the end, the situation is not ideal, but there is still some hope of a good ending. In the last minute of the film, everything goes completely whacko and ends with a few seconds of difficult or impossible to understand audio and visuals. In my opinion a very unsatisfying ending. Overall I do not recommend this movie as it has very little of no redeeming value and can be called nothing but a HORROR MOVIE in retrospect. I am very sorry I purchased the movie from iTunes.


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