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  • Omiros Efstratiadis
  • Production Company
  • G.D. Films
  • A beautiful woman is going to the island of Lesbos to rest, there she will meet two other beautiful young women and it will be great having sex with everyone.

  • Nefeli Zalokosta is a young girl that lost her parents from an early age and for many years she was feeling that the society of the little village she grew up with its fake morality, suppressed her sexuality. The only way she could somehow feel free was when she was swimming naked alone to a deserted beach nearby. One day she almost lost her life doing so, when a company of boys and girls who they were having fun at the beach saved her from drowning, they also showed her how freely they were expressing their sexual needs and taught her that a person shouldn't really worry about morality or society, she decided to take revenge on the villagers and expose their real character and inner needs. She and her two beautiful pal gals decide to seduce every last one of the village men one after the other, so each one of the girls visit the local shops like the library, the butcher, the grocery shop, the bakery, even the funeral agency and they have sex with all of the men in charge. This will stop for Nefeli when she seduces the teacher and unexpectedly finds true love.


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