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Three generations come together in the week leading up to Mother's Day.

This movie follows certain people just before Mother's Day. Sandy, a divorcee who has two sons who tries to co-parent with her ex. But when her ex remarries a girl half her age, she freaks out because she's spending time with her sons and doing things with them that she usually does. Her friend, Jesse is surprised by her parents who show up unannounced and they discover who Jesse's husband is and he learns that she didn't tell them about him which prompts him to leave, And they also learn whom their other daughter is married to. Kristin is a girl who has a boyfriend and a child but her boyfriend wants them to go to the next level, marriage but she has unresolved issues which keeps her from taking the plunge and her boyfriend is uncertain how long he can wait. Bradley is a widower with two daughters, one of whom is a teenager and Bradley finds it hard to accept her new interests like boys and he still misses his wife.


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