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The son of Italian immigrants to Canada struggles to find the best way to reveal to his parents that he's gay.

Angelo Barberini comes from a traditional ethnic Italian family living in Montreal. Not traditional is that Angelo decides to move out of the house before he's married, even though he's twenty-seven years old. But getting married is not in the cards for Angelo as he's gay but still deeply in the closet at least to himself and his unsuspecting family. Once out on his own, Angelo runs into his only childhood friend, Nino Paventi. Always a man's type of man, Nino is now a macho police officer. But Nino is also gay and deeply in the closet. Angelo and Nino rekindle their friendship and start a romance. Nino ends up moving in with Angelo, a difficult move since Nino also comes from a traditional ethnic Italian family. Together at home, they live in coupled bliss, but outside of the house they retain their separate straight acting lives. Angelo decides that he finally wants to come out to his family so that they will really know who he is before they die. This decision does not sit well with Nino as he is not ready to tell the world he's gay. Angelo's decision has a profound effect on himself, on Nino, their relationship and their respective relationships with their families.


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