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The film tells the story of an alien from outer space who befriends two young children when he lands in a small town in Quebec.

We first see the martian raising the suspicions of the locals by wandering around the snowy town, dressed in a long fur coat and what looks like a net ski mask, blowing bubbles and stealing sweets from the grocery store. As they trudge home from the store in their snow shoes, Frankie and Cathy try to makes sense of what they have just witnessed. Was this strange character an alien? Before too long, the siblings discover the visitors flying saucer. Although they're cautious at first, they climb aboard. The martian wins their trust by showering them (literally) with candy and he explains that his craft has broken down. The children offer to help him fix it in exchange for a trip around the world. By gaining the attention of the local, bumbling police chief, a posse of angry locals on snowmobiles are soon on the martians tail. After leading them on a comedic trail around the town, with help of the children, the visitor manages to fix his space ship just in time to get home for Christmas.


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