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Dev, a famous footballer, becomes injured and gets dependent on Riya. Brooding on his ill-fate, he gets suspicous of an affair going on between Riya and another man. Is the affair a reality, and if it is, will Dev openly accuse Riya?

Dev Saran lives in the United States of America. He is a soccer star and is married to Riya, who works and models for a magazine. Thinking that he is perfect with the game of soccer he accept a contract for $5 million to play professional soccer, but meets with an accident, fractures his leg, and gets disqualified. Because he is now a handicapped man he must depend on his wife for a living. He stays at home all the time and broods on his ill-luck. He also starts suspecting his wife of having an affair with some other man. His suspicions turn into reality when he sees her with a man named Rishi. By chance, the two families of Rishi, his dad and his wife, together with Dev and Riya become friendly and get together. It is here that Dev will disrupt everyone lives when he will openly accuse Riya of having an affair with Rishi. But later on the couple patch up. Both families once again meet and everyone seems to be getting along well. Then at a dinner get together, Dev tells everyone the earthshaking news that he is in love with Maya. Which once again turn over the page that might lead to a death end. Who knows what the horoscope says.


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