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In Brooklyn, a youth from an Orthodox Jewish community is lured into becoming an Ecstasy dealer by his pal who has ties to an Israeli drug cartel.

1998 Brooklyn. Twenty year old Sam Gold is a Hasidic Jew. He lives at home with his parents and younger siblings. Along with Leon Zimmerman, his friend and next door neighbor, he is studying to become a rabbi, although, unlike Leon, he would rather go into a business as he does not want to be a financial burden to his family. Despite his father believing that a primary focus in life on money leads to no good, Sam convinces him to let him work in the family fabric store in Manhattan in conjunction with his studies. Sam also has his marriage sights set on Zeldy Lazar, and asks his family and temple leaders to set the process in motion. But when the Lazars ultimately decide that Sam is not an appropriate match, Sam believes it is because of the money situation. So when Leon's older more progressive brother Yosef, who seems to have lots of money, asks Sam to go into business with him picking up medication from Europe for wealthy patients, Sam agrees. It isn't until he and Yosef return from what seemed to Sam to be their highly secretive trip to Amsterdam that Sam finds out that the job actually is as an illegal drug mule. Despite Sam's initial horror, he gets sucked into what seems to be a path to quick wealth, a path of which he does not tell his family. Sam quickly impresses and thus ingratiates himself into the graces of his and Yosef's boss, Jackie Solomon, and Jackie's girlfriend, Rachel Apfel, both non-practicing Jews, although Yosef warns Sam of the fine line of being on Jackie's good and bad sides, that line which is being smart but not too smart. If it comes to a point of choosing one life or another, Sam may not be able to go back if he chooses his new illicit life.


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