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April (15) is running from one bad situation into another, hoping to find an answer that doesn't involve nudity, and falls in with a group of confused kids chasing their dreams. The black widow in the web is the sexy, pot-dealing Sally.

Teenager April arrives in Los Angeles expecting to find a job and she stays at her lesbian cousin's home. Sammy is a talented homeless singer, musician and composer that meets a guy who offers her an opportunity to him to become a pop star. Nathan is a young gay that has come to Los Angeles expecting to be a dancer but works as secretary of real state agent Sally St. Claire. Todd is an artist that neglects his girlfriend and spends most of his time on porn websites. Their lives are entwined when pornographer Anthony meets Nathan and April in a bar and he offers two-thousand dollars to take nude pictures of them. Nathan befriends Sammy on the street. Sally hires April to work in her office with Nathan. And Sally dates Todd and finds that there are pictures of her online.


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