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By the year 2068, the Earth's ozone is gone, violent and uncontrollable storms are razing it's surface as a result. A small group of military survivors are the defenders of the last of ...

The year is 2068. The ozone layer is gone and the Earth is ravaged by violent storms leaving most of the world as a wasteland. Former US soldier Captain John Thomas Garth, trying to keep the survivors alive and what is left of civilization protected, is recruited by former soldier Lapierre for a job. Lapierre's employer Reich wants Garth to lead a team of mercenaries to break into the Vincent Estate and retrieve priceless art that was stored there just before the world was left in ruins. Garth is to be paid with food and medicine. But as the team soon finds out the Vincent Estate has a automated defense system code-named "Encrypt". Guided by a holographic Chinese woman named Diana, Garth and his team find themselves in a maze of deadly obstacles, including a deadly robot called The Rook. As that wasn't enough Diana holds the key that could bring about destruction of the entire world...


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