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It's January, 1966 at St. Christina's Psychiatric Hospital in Northwestern Ontario. Dr. Toby Greene and Nurse Susan Peterson are individually being interviewed by Dr. Craig Jones, one of the hospital's administrators, about the incident that occurred just before Christmas, the day that their colleague, Dr. James Lawrence, inexplicably did not show up for work. As Dr. Lawrence disappeared the day before during a session with one of his regular patients, a young man named Michael Aleen, the belief among some is that Michael may have had something to do with Dr. Lawrence's disappearance. That day, Dr. Greene took over Dr. Lawrence's patient-load, which included a session with Michael to try and discover if he indeed had some nefarious role in Dr. Lawrence's disappearance. Dr. Greene did not know Michael at all, and was unable to read his case file before meeting with Michael. Regardless, Dr. Greene believed he could read Michael and glean as much from his lies as from his truths. Conversely, Miss Peterson was well-acquainted with Michael and his overall mental state. On the surface, Michael seemed to be able to take control of the situation with information he was able to obtain about Dr. Greene and Miss Peterson to play one off the other, as well as information about secrets about the hospital the administrators believed were well hidden. Michael's emotions also came into play in what happened that day, the question being whether either Dr. Greene or Miss Peterson were able to break through those emotions to the core of what was happening with Michael and Dr. Lawrence. —Huggopsychiatristyear 1966absent fatherneglected childalleged blowjob25 morePlot summaryPlot synopsisGenreDramaCertificateNot RatedParents guide


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