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  • Andrea Barzini
  • Production Companies
  • Dania Cinematografica
  • Filmes Cinematografica
  • National Cinematografica
  • A young man falls in love with extra-liberated Giulia. Their relationship becomes very passionate, but Giulia has no limits in her sexual fantasies and games.

  • A writer named Emilio meets in a theater foyer of a sudden and mysterious girl, Giulia, and the two begin dating. He, who lives with his sister Amalia, bound to her with some morbidity, courting and she rejects him several times, but later she accepts him and finally disappears, leaving him in need. Emilio tries to help but he realizes that he can not help it. Giulia has a disordered life and he tries to change her life, he even beat her, but she can not change and his sister Amalia becomes isolated for the continued absence of his brother, and he is victim of a love who has been betrayed: when Amalia commits suicide, Emilio decides to leave Giulia.

  • Living in seclusion in a lavish old Roman villa, the once-famous author, Emilio, has a chance encounter with the mysteriously alluring stranger, Giulia. Seduced by her intoxicating beauty and her compelling sexual magnetism, suddenly, Emilio finds in her the long-lost inspiration he's been looking for the past ten years; however, Giulia, the sultry TV commercial actress, has never promised him anything. Then, young Stefano enters the picture, and their already unstable and passion-laden relationship becomes even more complicated. Now, Emilio finds himself spying on Giulia, eager to make degrading compromises to have her all to himself. Will he ever stop desiring Giulia?


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