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A divorcing couple tries to maintain their friendship while they both pursue other people.

  • Lee Toland Krieger
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For the long time that married Celeste and Jesse have known each other, being best friends has always been first and foremost, even now that they are officially separated for six months and headed toward divorce. They still hang out with each other as best friends every day, with Jesse living and working as a freelance graphic artist in Celeste's guest house. The separation and imminent divorce was largely Celeste's idea, she a successful social trend analyst, recently published author, and co-principle of a media consulting firm with her gay business partner, Scott. Driven Celeste could not be married to someone as lackadaisical toward work and earning money as Jesse, who is in no hurry to get more permanent and stable work even in his field, preferring his recreational activities and largely living off what Celeste earned. Their mutual friends, seeing how happy they still are whenever they are together, cannot understand why they are headed toward divorce. Jesse would still prefer to remain married to Celeste, he still seeing her as his soul mate. Things start to change in their relationship when Jesse, seeing the reality of the situation, is the first to move on from them as a couple, entering into a relationship with a woman named Veronica. Out of circumstance in the situation with Veronica, Jesse slowly transitions into being that mature human being that Celeste so wanted in him for their marriage. As such, Celeste works on two parallel tracks: to get Jesse back; or to enter into a relationship with someone as happy as Jesse and Veronica appear to be. Celeste may get a clearer picture of her own life in dealing with one of her new clients, teen pop sensation Riley Banks, a seemingly vapid and only moderately talented singer.


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