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  • Tatsumi Kumashiro
  • Based on a polemic novel by Amy Yamada, Bedtime Eyes is about the intense love relationship between a second rate Japanese jazz singer and a black American GI on the margins of the law.

  • Kim, a singer in a jazz club on a military base, has a partner, Ichiro, with whom she has been living for a year and who is a band-mate. One night she meets Spoon, a black soldier. Kim tells Ichiro that she has slept with a black man and leaves. She visits her 'sister' Marie, who had picked her up in Yokosuka City ten years ago. Marie was a woman who only slept with and had sex with black men. A few days later, Kim met Spoon again at a supermarket that also treated foreigners, and they had another hot time at a motel. However, Spoon has an accident with the bicycle he was riding and disappeared. Kim was waiting for him in a newly rented room with Spoon's cat Osbourne. Spoon returns with Kim introducing himself as a deserter. Thus begins his most torrid and sexual days. But it won't last long.


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