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  • Damiano D'Innocenzo
  • Fabio D'Innocenzo
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  • The Apartment
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  • Le Pacte

Massimo Sisti is the proprietor of a dental surgery that bears his name. Professional, courteous and calm, he has attained everything he could have desired: a villa in a peaceful setting and a family he loves and that keeps him company as the days, the months, the years go past. His wife Alessandra and daughters Laura and Ilenia (the former a teenager, the latter not yet) are his raison d'être, his happiness, the reward for a life rooted in self-sacrifice and honesty. Then the unforeseen bursts into this imperturbable and calm springtime: on a day like any other Massimo goes down to the cellar and the absurd takes possession of his life. —Venice Film Festivallatina italydentistfamily manvillaamnesia3 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisGenreThrillerParents guideAdd content advisory


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