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  • Linda Dombrovszky
  • Production Company
  • Megafilm Service
  • The village blacksmith, Dummkopf, wakes up in the church realizing that he's been locked in. After a lengthy struggle, he manages to escape by climbing down the church tower, whereupon he hurries to his love, Coy Erzsók, the owner of the local tavern. Upon his arrival at the establishment, he's surprised to see that the Cantor of the village is confessing his love to Erzsók. It's soon revealed that Sexton, the guileful beadle, was the one who encouraged the Cantor to act as he did because he hated Dummkopf as much as he hated corn dumplings. In a rage, Dummkopf takes his revenge on Sexton, but the fight spirals out of control and draws in the rest of the village... Finally, the fight becomes so ferocious that it endangers the village's future itself. Sándor Petöfi's well-known mirth-provoking epic poem's new adaptation is a genre parody set in a special cinematic Western-Eastern world.

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