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A guy whose life is in turmoil falls for an attractive real estate broker who moves into the condo next door, but doesn't realize that she expects him to move out for her planned renovation.

A female all-business project manager in a land development company, Christine (Michele Laroque), bought 2 units in a condo; one on top of the other. She lives in the bottom unit and intends to remodel the upper one for her fiancée, another cut-throat businessman; but the tenant-neighbor, Jeff (Matthew Modine), won't move out. Christine refuses to accept defeat and presses to get her way. Christine and her fiancée are planning a big weekend when her boss puts her in charge of a major development project that is a huge career opportunity. That causes tension between the two, which is aggravated by noise and mishaps inadvertently caused by Jeff and his visiting daughter. Jeff and his partner run a small architectural firm. Jeff, also an amateur artist who has turned down offers to show his work, has a history of being unwilling to compromise his architectural designs to please the prospective customers. Therefore his business is in financial trouble and needs to win a big job they are working on. Jeff learns that his ex-wife is getting married that weekend and wrangles an invite from the groom. He is unable to get a date for the wedding (he made up a story that he too was getting married soon) and ends up asking Christine to attend the wedding with him as his pretend fiancée for the evening, in exchange for a promise to give up the apartment.


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