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Former seaman Clinton Jones now works at a lowly job. His daughter Ruth wants to become an actress. Clinton gets fired and Ruth rejects the advances of Fred Whitmarsh. Her father gives her ...

In 1914 Wallaston(located in Quincy,Mass.just outside of Boston), the Joneses are just making ends meet, and only if parents, Clinton and Annie, watch every cent that they spend. However, their seventeen year old daughter, Ruth, has no such concerns as she is single minded in her pursuit of wanting to become a stage actress. She believes it's her destiny. Clinton does not know about his daughter's dreams, but nonetheless is worried about her ability to eke out a life for herself. Both Clinton and Annie want her to lead what they consider a normal life, by taking up a trade - Clinton wants her to become a physical culture instructress - and accepting the marriage proposal of Fred Whitmarsh when he does eventually ask her as they know he will. But Clinton will ultimately have to find out about his daughter's life goal and Ruth will have to deal with the consequences of his reaction.


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