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Two guys take their bromance to another level when they participate in an art film project.

Living in Seattle, Ben and Anna are a loving young supportive couple falling into what most would see as a "white picket fence" lifestyle as Ben calls it. As part of this lifestyle, they are now trying to have a child. Late one night, Andrew, Ben's friend from his college days, drops by their house unexpectedly, Ben and Anna put him up despite the inconvenience. Andrew, an artist, has always been a free spirit, a "Kerouac" as Ben refers to that life. Andrew travels the world at a whim, his most recent sojourn being in Chiapas. Andrew is in Seattle just to reconnect with his old buddy, who he not seen since the wedding. The next day, instead of getting to know his buddy's wife and learning about the life Ben and Anna are leading, Andrew decides to hang out with a bunch of artists he has just met, and drags Ben along. In a drunken stupor at the artists' party, the two learn about a festival in which the artists are partaking called Hump Fest. It is an amateur porn festival. As Ben and Andrew get caught up in the discussion, they decide to make their own porn film for the festival, the premise of their film being that it would be an artistic rendering of two overtly straight guys having sex, the two being themselves. As identifying as being straight, neither has ever had sex with another man. In discussions between the friends, Ben thinks that he's not as "white picket fence" as Andrew believes, nor is Andrew as "Kerouac" as he believes. In the sober light of day, will Ben's inner and Andrew's outer "Kerouac" still want to do the project? And if they do, Ben will eventually have to tell Anna his plans.


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