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A prospective bride and groom have misadventures in Mexico City.

Like many a young American couple in a similar situation before them, Barbara Olmstead and Corporal Phil Vaughn, who is currently stationed in the Canal Zone, are meeting in Mexico City to get married. Phil only has a three day pass until he has to return to the Canal Zone, and when then Mrs. Vaughn will return to Pemberville, Minnesota on her own. American Vice-Consul David Flanner, despite his own hectic business and personal schedule, gets involved in getting Barbara and Phil together, initially because it is his responsibility in seeing the safety of Americans, Barbara who he feels at age eighteen is probably unwise to the ways of foreign travel. But as Barbara and Phil get into one predicament after another on their way to the altar, they require David's assistance more and more, which in turn always seems to end figuratively with Barbara in David's arms. These scenes always seem to be within view of friends or family of Raquel Mendoza, David's Mexican fiancée who may not view kindly to being neglected in favor of another woman, which in turn could spell disaster for David's career in the diplomatic corps.


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