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An irresponsible young millionaire changes his tune when he falls for the daughter of a downtown minister.

J. Harold Manners is a wealthy playboy without a care in the world. Whatever problems he creates he solves by writing a check. He meets Brother Paul in one of those mishaps and the resulting handing over of a check. Owning a coffee truck so that he can provide free coffee to the down and out, Brother Paul uses the money to open a mission using Harold's name as its benefactor. Especially as a mission was not the purpose of the money, Harold has every intention of shutting it down. Harold changes his mind when he meets and falls for Brother Paul's pretty daughter, Hope, who helps her father in his work. As such, Harold tries to help Brother Paul and Hope get who they want in the mission - petty thieves - to attend, which is no easy job, let alone getting them to stay. On the other side, Harold's wealthy friends are just as skeptical about Harold's foray into social service philanthropy.


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