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Dimo Manchev is the head of a family with conservative concept of education and morality. Fearing his explicit ban, his daughter Lily secretly marries Plamen. The young couple is now ...

Lili and Plamen are students who are in love. Afraid of the opinion of the Lili's father - Dimo, they get married in secret. Eventually they must legalize their marriage. Their inexperience puts them through difficult situations. They almost break out. The only one who understands them is Grandpa Pano - Dimo's father. He tells him that his son has chosen his companion in life the same way they did. This encourages the young people. Gradually Dimo needs to accept that his daughter is a grown woman. When he finds out that the Plamen's parents are also against the wedding, he is deeply offended and decides to organize a grand wedding. He does not know that they are already got married and he is disappointed. Life follows its logic and the parents need to accept their children's choices for them to be happy.


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