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The residents of Possum Lodge head on a road trip to the States, hoping to win a contest and thus pay a fine.

When Possum Lodge is taken to court by big-shot executive Robert Stiles, whose limousine was damaged while parking at the Lodge, the boys are ordered to pay $10,000 in damages within ten days - or their beloved Lodge will become property of the town. Likely to give up their first born before they give up their lodge, the crowd puts their heads together and come up with not one, but three methods of raising the money. It is quickly agreed however, that selling chocolates door to door, or fire powered potato guns to children, may be too complicated. Ultimately, it is Harold who timidly suggests participating in the upcoming Duct Tape Festival in Minneapolis-St. Paul. There, a competition to create 'something' made of at least 50% duct tape, will garner the third prize winner exactly $10,000. Naturally, our boys band together and go for the bronze! Before long, a large Canada goose covered entirely with duct tape is attached to the possum van, and Red and the boys set out on their pilgrimage to save the lodge. Mr. Stiles has an ulterior motive however, and has enlisted Possum Lake's Sheriff and Deputy to help prevent the lodge from coming up with money to pay the fine. Consequently, what begins as an enthusiastic road trip is soon plagued with mysterious roadside obstacles that threaten to prevent the boys from ever making it to the competition.


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