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A "typical" day in the life of The Beatles, including many of their famous songs.

  • Richard Lester
  • Walter Shenson Films
  • Proscenium Films
  • Maljack Productions
John, Paul, George and Ringo - collectively known as The Beatles - leave their Liverpool home base to head to London where they are to perform on television. There, they have a few official engagements beforehand, such as rehearsals at the studio and a press conference, otherwise they are stuck at the hotel. In addition, they want some free time out just to be lads, which may be difficult seeing as to throngs of adoring and screaming primarily young female fans following them wherever they are known to be. They also encounter a few people who would rather not associate with them because of different sensibilities, a few people who, when seeing only one at a time, wonder if they are who they look to be, and a few people who mistake them for someone else. Sheltered Ringo, in particular, takes advantage of what little freedom they have, which may cause problems for them all in the end. Helping them navigate through all these issues but also ensuring they do their work as celebrities are two of their managers, Norm and Shake, who are accompanying them on this trip and who are having a disagreement about height. Also along for the ride is Paul's paternal grandfather, John McCartney, who Paul's mum believes needs an outing to nurse a broken heart. Despite his outwardly innocent appearance, McCartney Sr. ends up being a mischievous soul, whose misadventures they all have to get him out of time and time again. But at least McCartney Sr. is clean, "very clean"...


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